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Sardor Erkinov

I am primarily inspired by my culture. Like every artist, I want to show the motifs of my country and my world through the prism of contemporary art. Of course, one cannot fail to note the influence of Western culture and contemporary artists such us Van Gogh, Matisse, Francis Bacon, in my works.
I take color from one artist, and freedom from another, and create my own world and technique. There are a lot of oriental scenes from poems and Persian literature in my paintings as well.
There is also a series of abstract landscapes, where I take oriental landscapes as a basis and mix them with abstraction. As a result, I receive freedom of color and emotions. Sardor

Erkinov Born in 1995, Kokand city, Uzbekistan Garaduated from the National Institute of Art and Design. Participant of personal and group exhibitions in Uzbekistan

Sardor Erkinov