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Zarina Biganti

Zarina Biganti is, above all, a formed, highly professional artist, very charismatic: one can't walk past her works. She is an artist of a new time, the time that is complex and sometimes incomprehensible. 21st century raises many questions that require settling in all areas of life, including art. Some of her works with "A Curtain" and, first of all, "A Curtain of Life" theme show that she is also concerned about questions like "What is next?" "How to live?" "How to work?" "How to create?" In 2019 participating in the Global Project, dedicated to modern art matters, Zarina Biganti is awarded with Diploma and second place in a competition.

A successful artist, a strong and emotional person with powerful energy, she hadn't been content with traditional rules of realistic art, she needed new forms of expression and she found them in modern art, in particular, in avant-garde, the free-spirited Russian avant-garde art. Avant-garde, which had united the whole Russian modern art of 20th century, as an art movement didn't have the uniformity of style, it accepted all the "isms" and movements. As though having received permission for internal freedom, away from dogmatic views, Zarina uses newly opened opportunities to paint her homeland. She paints Ossetian mountains, nature, flowers…Her paintings are full of strength, passion, freedom, they have a powerful color range. She combines exciting and recognizable nature views, images of everyday life in big compositions, she combines everything in her bright painting. The paintings, full of the artist's soul, attract people, making them think, bring something new to them in their head, as though they become co-authors.

The sense of composition is amazing. The big picture planes, color spots with subjects of the paintings resonate with people in full force ("The Red City"). Zarina paints a whole number of abstract compositions, in which she addresses professional challenges in texture and color, learns the possibilities of conveying a hundred shades of one color, including white and many others. Finally, the artist's flowers with their relief painting, a thousand shades of white, pink and red with their free, lifelike images inspire admiration for her talent as an artist and gift of sharing her best works with people. Biganti has huge creative potential. She is able to create big paintings about today's time.

Zarina Biganti Artworks