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Yustina Komissarova

In my art, I explore the topic of gender and its functioning in modern society through
psychoanalysis and archetypal collective traumas. This topic has been of interest to
me since childhood, when I watched my parents as artists and my father's works were
accepted as art, and my mother's works were initially perceived as insignificant,
destined to be discarded. In my works, it is important for me to show that the
paradigm of female thinking in art is important, and moreover, in the modern context,
it is simply necessary.

I often show the female body in a relaxed but conflicted state, with a metamorphosis
of the transformation of the energy of the heart, as the original paradigm of thinking
through harmony undergoes violent changes in order to consume in a patriarchal
world. In my work, I focus on the experience of my body after the practice of
kundalini yoga and women's birth retreats.
Yustina Komissarova Artworks