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Vera Khodakova

Vera studied Art at Art School in the city of Ufa, Russia and graduated in 2007.
In 2009 she moved to Moscow to continue her professional education. During 2009-2014 Ms Khodakova studied at MSP University Moscow, Russia and received a Diploma of Higher Art and Design.
In 2011, Vera completed her internship at Winzavod Museum of Modern Art, Moscow. In 2012, she volunteered to curate the international event "The Global Energy Prize" at Scientific Research Institute in Moscow, Russia.
Since 2014, Vera Khodakova has been actively developing creative concepts and graphic design for large brands in Moscow. She worked as a curator at Clio Art Fair, New York (2017), and curated and professionally designed the exhibition stand at Art Week Miami — Miami Spectrum, Miami (2018). Later that year she also curated and designed the exhibition stand at New York Art Expo, New York (2018).
Since 2018, Vera became actively engaged in various contemporary art exhibitions and started creating her own art projects.

My art is primarily about finding and feeling in this world. About the mystical power of self-knowledge. About harmony, which is so rare these days. About subtle feelings, about eternal questions and internal conflicts. I'm not afraid to show myself to the viewers and prefer to be rather than seem!

2018 - Izo Art gallery, Moscow, November
2019 - Gallery "Здесь на таганке", group show "Веселая карусель", Moscow, December-November
2020 - Artplay, group show "Eco-Friendly" Moscow, February
2020 - Online project "А портрет повесим здесь". Gallery "Здесь на таганке", Moscow, May
2020 - The group show "Крюкриноксы". Gallery "Здесь на таганке", Moscow, August 6 - October 11
2020 - The group show "The Stolen Twentieth" exhibition space Strata Concept, Moscow, 2-7 october
2020 - The group show "Upgrade the Old", SVALKA, Moscow, Mega, Ikea (Khimki) November 14-30
2021 - The group show "Subconscious", Nagornaya Gallery Moscow, 6 February - 28 March

Vera Khodakova Artworks