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Group Show "Free from"

From March 11 to April 26, Kaliningrad will host the Free From exhibition - a creative collaboration of the Kaliningrad contemporary art gallery ArtGartGallery and the Moscow online gallery Gallarty.
The exhibition will feature works by nine Gallarty artists from Russia, Belarus, and Germany, as well as permanent residents of the ArtGartGallery gallery. "Free from .." is a personal story of every person who at least once strove to manifest their own integrity, asking the question "What is it to be yourself?"
The exhibition includes a study of the social perception of the female image, from the realization of the artificiality of the generally accepted ideal to the acceptance of the natural manifestation of the self. * Gallery of contemporary art ArtSpaceGallery is a team of creative people aimed at promoting and educating art in Kaliningrad. * Moscow online gallery Gallarty, created by women for women, artists for artists, free from taboo topics.