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Tatiana Nega

The basis of my art is a desire to express the interaction between chaotic and rational beginnings, which control our life. Often, we don't have the ability to express our feelings freely and unleash spontaneous impulses due to boundaries, set by society or by our own mind. The only way to discover new opportunities is breaking those rules. This is how I became an artist. Experiments with shapes and mediums have brought me to the creation of the visual language, which reflects swiftness of the changes in modern world. This language allows me to convey the dynamics and energy of life, its rhythm, variability and inconsistence.

Tatyana Nega is an artist and an art critic, the author of some articles about contemporary artists and scientific publications on the history of art.

2020 - Participation in the online exhibition "This is not Your Body." Online gallery Gallarty, Moscow.
2019 - Participation in the international project BIOWOMAN 12 "RITUAL", Dusseldorf.
2019 - Solo exhibition "Movement to Form". Direct Art Action. Sutton Coldfield, Birmingham, UK.
2019 - Participation in the International Art Fair in Essex, UK.
2018 - Participation in the international project BioWoman REBIRTH. Paris, 59 Rue de Rivoli, February-March.
2017 - Participation in the international exhibition Print Market "Taste of Paper". Contemporary Art Center. Winzavod, Moscow.
2017 - Participation in the international exhibition "Black and White". Gallery ArtBrutMoscow, in the space L'apartement, Moscow.
2017 - Solo exhibition "Extraterrestrial Flowers" in Salon Du Bout Du Monde. From 18 May to 18 June.
2016 - Solo exhibition "Games with Symmetry" in artspace Loft Project Floors, St. Petersburg. From 13 October to 13 November .
2016 - Exhibition in Fossart Gallery (Office of Company Luxoft), St. Petersburg. From 14 October to 8 November.
2016 - Solo exibition in Salon Beauty Rooms. St. Petersburg. April.
2015 - Exhibition "Pskov Meetings - 3". Pskov.
2014 - Solo exhibition. "In Captivity of Passion". Pskov, Russia.
2014 - Solo exhibition. "Beauty of elusive sense".Tampere, Finland. March.
2013-2014 - Exhibition of collage."Closer to the Body or All for the Soul". Pskov, Russia. December 2013 - February 2014
Tatiana Nega Artworks