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Serafima Sazhina

My work is based on mythmaking, I am especially attracted by the idea of personal mythology and work with fantastic plots. The main theme of my work is the study of otherness and the life of other selves in society.

I work in various media, from painting to performance art. The choice of materials for me is not accidental, but it is directly related to the plot of the picture and the nature of my characters. Color and composition tend to emphasize the main line of the story and reveal emotional states of the characters. Sincerity, metaphorical images and a variety of artistic techniques are the basis of my statement.

Serafima Sazhina, born in 1993 in Russia, Pavlovskiy Posad, currently live in Saint Petersburg

2010 –2013 – College of the Stroganov Academy (Moscow State Stroganov Academy of Design and Applied Arts)
2013 –2016 – studied in various private art schools in Moscow and Moscow region
2014 –2016 – worked as an artist apprentice
2016 –2019 – « Practicum» private art school, Saint Petersburg
2021 - group exhibition «Velvet eclipse», gallery MUHA (Moscow)
2021 - group exhibition of the laboratory of contemporary art «Episode», gallery OZERO ( Saint Petersburg)
2021 – taking part in TAKT lab, Chetverg (Thursday) foundation Saint Petersburg
2021 – group exhibition «cyberbulling» (Saint Petersburg)
2021 – personal exhibition «Serafim Mikhalych», art villa Guslitsa
(Ilyinsky Churchyard)
2020 – took part in exhibition «Muse must work», Museum of contemporary art ARTMUSE (Saint Petersburg)

Serafima Sazhina Artworks