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Raisa Graf

The artist has created an original technique of working with acrylic paint – numerous painstaking washings of monochrome layers of acrylic in her works , she explores the topology of space as a
combination of plant forms and geometric coordinates.


Since 2016 – Numerous exhibitions in the central house of
2018 – "Because the music…", "Na kashirke" gallery
2018 – "Without declared value", artplay gallery
2018 – personal exhibition, design school "details"
2019 – "The influence of color", air loft space
2019 – "Rock and roll", the central house of artists
2021 – "White unicorn hunting", 25kadr gallery
2021 – "Looking after the earthlings", "Zdes na taganke" gallery
2021 – "Hardly a gesture", 25kadr gallery
2022 – "Black. white", "Vmeste" gallery
Raisa Graf Artworks