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Olga Volna

Who I am:
My name is Olga Volna and I am full-time artist based in Voronezh, Russia. I'm happy to see you here.
What I do:
I work with acrylic paints.In my painting, I focus on studying the influence of colour on viewer
perception. I'm interested in how these or those colours can reflect the vibrations visible only to the
artist and convey meanings that didn't previously exist.
Buyers of my work often ask where I get my inspiration, how are these warm and joyful paintings
born? My secret is simple - love and travel! Our world is stunningly beautiful and I dream of my
paintings working in your home as a battery that recharges the whole family, makes them happy,
warms them up, opens up new places and impressions for you!
Olga Volna Artworks