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Margarita Godgelf

I was born in an Oriental society with a patriarchal mentality, where women were merely a pleasant background noise and everything that really moved the world was in men's competence. This paradigm seemed so logical it made me sure that gender distribution occurs at the stage of growing up – the most worthy girls have a chance to turn into men, since they are the crown of evolution, and the least significant ones will keep growing as women. Needless to say, I lived in anticipation of my transformation.
In the works of the "Nothing personal" project, by consciously shifting the emphasis from corporality and gender differences, I erase all the behavioral clichés imposed by age-old conventions. My dualism is going far beyond the juxtaposition of masculine and feminine.
Through the embodiment of my own hypostases in all of my characters, I find a point of access in my personal experience to universal problematic that pierces through everyone's soul. I speak of loneliness, infantilism and dependence on society, about how we avoid any existential encounter with ourselves by broadcasting our alter ego.
The lack of any external identification allows me to separate a character from their biological and social avatar. It gives the viewer a chance to try on their own face on the character's one and, becoming a full-fledged participant of the plot, walk the path to themselves alongside me.
By being inside and outside at the same time, I show the character without condemnation or idealization. On the one hand, I focus on the phenomenon of the destruction of their internal structure, and on the other – on the eternal unity and opposition of individual and the universe. This subtle play with scale and relativity takes the viewer out of the reality dictated by social conventions and raises eternal questions and reflections about the holistic image of the individual and their role in the universe.
One of the unique aspects of Margarita's work is her ability to speak about global universal human issues through singular, touching stories. It's like looking into a glass sphere and seeing an endless universe in it. Margarita creates a parallel, distant universe, where her work is a portal, a delicate offer that one cannot refuse. Despite the "otherness" of her cosmos, it is easy for the spectator to establish a connection through the enigmatic system of non-trivial symbols and metaphors coming from the reality around us; the visual codes that the artist uses are not trivial and at the same time are able to fit into the DNA of any cultural environment. This is the secret of the universality of her work and their ability to create a space for reflection, regardless of the context.

1991 – Moscow Academic Art College, graphic faculty
2001 – Institute of Contemporary Art
2007 – Course of illustration at British Higher School of Art and Design
2005 – Unnatural environment. Central Journalists House, Moscow, Russia.
2006 – A visual cosmos. Central Art House, Moscow, Russia.
2007 – Defensive Reflexes. A-3 Gallery, Moscow, Russia.
2008 – Defensive Reflexes. The Voloshin Library, Moscow, Russia.
2021 – Metaphysical Research.
St- Petersburg center of Arts, gallery, St- Petersburg, Russia.
1999 – Women in Art.
Alliance of Russian and American Women, Chevy Chase, Washington, USA.
1999 – Without Pushkin. Museum Zverevski centre of Modern Art, Moscow, Russia.
2000 – Women in Art.
The Atrium Gallery Morris County Administration Building, New Jersey, USA.
2000 – New Artist for New Millennium. The Embassy of the Russian Federation, Washington, USA.
2001 – Nude at the turn of the century. National Artist's Union of Russia, Moscow,Russia.
2002 – The union of Muses. National Artist's Union of Russia, Moscow,Russia.
2002 – Selections from the Kolodzei Collection.
Silvermine Guild Arts Center Galleries, New Canaan CT, USA.
2002 – New Age. Museum of Contemporary Art, Moscow, Russia.
2002 – New Identities New Forms Contemporary Russian Artists.
Georgetown University Art Galleries, Washington DC, USA.
2003 – The Year 2003 Summarized. National Artist's Union of Russia, Moscow.Russia.
2020 – Art saves Humanity. See Мe community, New York, USA.
2020 – Congruense. I like your work. Gallery Bridgette Mayer, Penncylvania, USA.
2020 – It is not your body. Gallarty gallery, Moscow, Russia.
2020 - AZ- Art. Moscow Union of Artists. Moscow, Russia.
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2021- Art Russia Fair. Moscow, Russia.
2021- Through the eyes of Russia. Camden image gallery, London, England.

Margarita Godgelf