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Lana Bergh

Born in 1980 I started my artistic career in 2012 after a sequence of "global" changes in my personal life, moving to the capital city from a small town in the south and numerous journeys all over the world, which led me to big changes in my world perception.

The main subject of my works has always been a human being and his inner world with a broad spectrum of feelings: I create works that draw the viewer's attention to his own feelings; even when there were just abstract graphic objects, at the beginning of my art career, the artworks were about feelings: my personal ones at the particular moment but also about the viewer's reaction to what he is seeing on the canvas and as a result – his own world perception and feelings.

Starting with tempera and colored graphic at the beginning of my career, my works now are more picturesque and the use of oil helps it a lot. Though the subject of works and used techniques differ throughout the years, my style is still easily recognizable: bright and saturated colors, dynamic lines or contrast content, and very often there is a "feeling of presence".
Lana Bergh Artworks