Lana Berg

“For as long as I can remember, I have always used drawing to convey my feelings: numerous animals, kingdoms and representatives of the royal family (mostly princes and princesses) painted with colored pencils in childhood; “slate” fears, discoveries and the whole gamut of new feelings and sensations in adolescence; pencil portraits of loved ones later.

But then I discovered color, tempera, oil on canvas...

At first, it was a timid acquaintance with the textures of paints on album sheets. But very soon I realized: in order to convey those feelings, that power of the world that is born in my head, there are few borders of A4

I cannot say that these works are one hundred percent mine. I'm more of a performer than a creator, because future pictures suddenly appear in my imagination, rather than I carry an unformed idea in my head for a long time. And as soon as the picture appears in front of my eyes, I am captured by it: I cannot do anything else or think about anything else until the picture sees the light.

I always get the feeling that the next completed picture is alive: I feel the “breath” of the space that has arisen on a sheet of paper or canvas with my whole body. I would like to believe that this is not a subjective perception, and you also feel these vibrations of the "parallel" world attracting you..."

Works by Lana Berg