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Spotlight on a contemporary online gallery representing female contemporary art

Gallarty Gallery is an online-based contemporary art gallery that focuses specifically on representing female artists, created by women, for women. Gallarty strives to represent female art outside of any taboos or restrictions, social or cultural, fighting the cliche of prejudice against female art and opposing ageism in the field of art. Offering a wide range of artworks and representing a multitude of artists, from Russia, Belarus and Germany. We focus our spotlight on four artists, Darika Bakeeva, Veronika Kudashova, Olga Volna and Sofiya Akimova.

Veronika Kudashova
(b. 1985, Moscow) works primarily with large abstract canvases that emphasise colour over form. Kudashova utilises the traditional genre of landscape to convey an impression of the experienced world and an atmosphere that produces soul vibrations and joyful feelings. Through the use of colour, Kudashova produces intricate combinations that entice the viewer to observe more closely, almost dissolving into the painting, such as in
Unsteadiness (2021).

Darika Bakeeva (b. 1999, Kyrgyzstan) is an emerging figurative artist, that works and lives in Moscow. Bakeeva's canvases are vibrant representations of the most intimate and emotional parts of the artist's life. In Overnight at a friend's (2020) Bakeeva exemplifies the stylistic cypher of her body of work, strong lines and female protagonists that represent different situations and states that the artists has lived herself.

Olga Volna's body of work is varied and is comprised of both painting and collages. Volna focuses on studying the influence of colour on viewer perception and how how these or those colours can reflect the vibrations visible only to the artist and convey meanings that didn't previously exist, such as in Orange Abstract (2021). Collages are also imbued with the balance between control and trust, as intuition and research go hand in hand to create unique artworks.

Sofiya Akimova
(b. 1988) is a fine arts graduate from Moscow State Stroganov Academy of Industrial and Applied Arts. The works of the artist show images of modern women in exploring the corporeal self and the emotional message of its characters through their nudity, as shown in Body Line (2021). Don't miss her next exhibition at Gallarty Gallery in December 2021: a reflection on everyday eroticism, woman and Akimova's relationship with herself, world and people surrunding her.

Gallarty Gallery proves to be a fertile ground for up-coming and mid-career female artists internationally and is certainly a gallery to keep an eye on in the coming months.