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Julia Valtanen

Julia Valtanen, born in 1988 in Russia. Graduated from Tolyatti University (2005-2011)
with a Master's degree in graphic design. She has lived in Tallin, Estonia since 2016.
Completed 1-year painting course in EKA (Estonian Academy of art), 2019-2020.
Currently, Julia works at her studio as an artist at Ars-i maja (Art factory, located
in Tallinn)

The main areas of my work are painting and paper collages. I rethink natural forms and explore new materiality by creating new spaces in my art. I see our world as a large web where I capture the meanings that I need and translate them into my practice. I am interested in exploring how everything is connected and influences each other, so in my work I explore what place nature now has in the life of modern man.
Julia Valtanen Artworks