Ekaterina Nikitina

Ekaterina Nikitina is a painter working with the national epic. In artistic practice, he refers to the hypertrophied image of heroes and their bright beauty. She creates her own iconography, working with metaphorical images in narrative works. Combining naive and primitive pictorial manner, Ekaterina turns to the theme of the cultural code. The study of the genealogy of a kind inspired her to a deep search for national roots and traditions. Through the plots of Slavic folklore, epics and fairy tales, the artist works with folk identity.

Own interpretation of original Russianness becomes a kind of personal manifesto, a connecting bridge between the past, present and future. At the heart of her art, Catherine addresses the simple Russian person, his life and experiences. It is important for her that people do not lose touch with the genetic code.

Works by Ekaterina Nikitina