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Anastasiya Akulova

Was born in 1990, in Minsk ( Belarus). Live and work here. Finished local college , branch
-fashion designer. After got two higher educations at university, first branch - artist, second –
pedagog of art.
"Most of my works are women's portraits. I call them "girls from pieces". This is my ode to
women, to their inner strength and ability to assemble themselves from parts (often different
or even opposite). I believe that women's ability to combine and unite strength and
tenderness, courage and vulnerability, their desire to be beautiful and independent of other
people's opinions is unique.
I intentionally "gather them from parts" or "carve masks on their faces." This is a protest, a
kind of statement that external beauty has no meaning without inner strength, or that no
external flaw is able to diminish the inner beauty of women.
Another theme of my work is angels. I am convinced that they are always around, that we,
like them, are divine creations and can communicate with each other. And they in turn can
take any visual form we understand. In my case even angels look like girls from pieces."
Anastasiya Akulova Artworks