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Alexandra Mato

Alexandra Mato lives and works in the city of Volgograd. Graphic designer by
education. Graduated from the Moscow State University of Culture and Arts. In 2013,
she founded the «Mato Paper» workshop for the production of art objects and
decorations from paper and cardboard. In subsequent years, she opened several
branches and franchises in Russia. At the moment, «Mato Paper» is one of the most
famous workshops for the production of art objects from environmentally friendly
In her work, Alexandra explores the theme of happiness and joy. What does this mean
for a person? What color is happiness? What form would "joy" have if it were given a
physical body? Themes of brightness, pleasure, joy have always been close to
Alexandra. She explores this topic not only in a plane in graphics and painting, but
also experiments with volume in paper, giving shape to these feelings.
"My painting is about the joy of life.
I love the idea that we came to this world to enjoy every moment. Therefore, I like to
use bright colors, they draw attention to themselves, and send us to fond memories,
to childhood and just in moments when we were happy.
There are a lot of flowers, picnics, feasts, fruits, champagne in my works. Often this is
about girls, youth, calmness, relaxation.
With my paintings I want to remind you that the joy of life can be experienced every
day, every hour, every minute. «
In October 2021, Alexandra held a performance, during which more than 40 people
participated, where a picnic was made from various attributes of "happiness" and after
that the artist, together with all the private traders, painted a huge picture depicting
this "Holiday of Life".
In November 2021, the artist took part in a creative fashion performance with designer
Arina Bogdanova. During the performance, Alexandra painted three huge canvases
and clothes on models from which the designer later sewed clothes.
Alexandra Mato Artworks