Victoria Kadesnikova

I entered the St. Petersburg Academy of Arts named after I. Repin in 2006, but after 5 years I decided to leave, as a conscious academic education began to interfere with my creativity, self-expression and individuality.

In my research, I depict people and convey impressions of their activities and how they influence my worldview. I am inspired by a lot of cinema and theater, some studies can be safely called fan art, but I try to convey the aesthetics and convey the message of the author. My research is a reference to my own life, to what I saw, to what I said, to loved and hated, to closed and alien, to real and figurative, to life and art, to city and society, to friends and art. idols.

Using the principles of collage, which I often use, I try to synthesize a plot fragment and ideological integrity, to preserve vitality and sincerity: I do not sketch, I form compositions directly. mixed media. I often finish my studies by then. It is important for me to convey the mood, dynamics and psychology inherent in our modern society. Due to the internal nature and the eclectic nature of the external world, the method of my studies is intuitively chaotic, expressive and multi-layered, like a mosaic, and lacks clarity and contour.

Works by Victoria Kadesnikova