Veronika Rokashevich

When I was 3 years old, I was asked what I want to do when I grow up. The answer came by itself - I want to be an Artist! I didn't even know what that meant or why I had that intention. I used to draw all the time, but when I was at school, I chose the profession of an architect-designer.

Now I do not regret anything, because all this time I did not let go of the brush. My soul has always been attracted by color spots and little things that no one sees. The round shapes made me explore them for hours.

My path to Abstraction took 7 years. When I finally decided to express my feelings on canvas, I could no longer stop. Mixing acrylic paint with water in a basin, pouring it onto the canvas and making confident strokes with a mop, I really feel alive and happy.

I like the reaction of people when they see my paintings. They choose what they like best and guess what it is - the ocean, space, or maybe a mountain? I have a place for every soul. My large round abstract canvases are full of life.

I consider myself a guide. Pictures come to mind and don't let go. My goal is to honestly convey these signals, emotions and energy to the canvas and show people.

Works by Veronika Rokashevich