Milana Elkanova

Milana Elkanova

Born in 1998 in North Ossetia, lives and works in Moscow.

Inheriting to some extent the traditions of the modernists, Milana uses free combinations of bright color spots and the general simplicity of forms, and some randomness of the composition adds lightness and vitality to her painting. The same purpose is served by the contrast, which is formed by black juicy lines made by charcoal, and airy impulsive strokes of acrylic, creating an almost tangible texture. Using classical painting techniques, the artist builds relationships between the lyrical hero, which in her works can be not only a person, but also animals or even plants, and the space around him.

The depicted people and objects are not worked out in detail, and completely unpainted areas can be found on the canvases, however, such techniques only emphasize the overall impression of delicacy and purity that breathes from Milan's painting.

In her works, as if woven from light and heat, she reflects her personal experience and transforms her emotions through the language of images.

This is how the works from the "village" series convey the artist's memories of her childhood. Recognizable scenes of village life with chickens running around the yard, laundry on a rope, baskets of grapes after the harvest - all this is about life in all its diversity and at the same time about the simplicity with which it is seen by a child.

Works by Milana Elkanova