Lena Romanovskaya

In the works, the author explores the boundaries of the pictorial and coloristic technique of planar writing. In an emphatically decorative, detached manner, everyday images of people are transferred from a real portrait to illustrative material. The author captures the social changes associated with the processes of digitization of reality. With the advent and development of digital communication technologies, the artist deconstructs the realistic portrait genre into a digital copy with illustrative and impersonal properties.


1. On-line exhibition "And we will hang a portrait here." Curator Andrey Bartenev, gallery "Here on Taganka", Russia, Moscow. 2020.

2. International online exhibition "This is not your body." Gallery "Gallarti", Russia, Moscow. 2020. 3. Exhibition "Concrete box". Russia, Krasnodar. 2020.

4. Publication of the cover and spreads in the international fashion magazine POZA.

5. Photo project "Black Red White". Illustrator Elena Romanovskaya. 2019.

6. Exhibition "Next" in the gallery "Bronze Horse". Russia, Krasnodar. 2019. 7. Exhibition as part of the New Art Fest. Russia, Sochi. 2019.

Works by Lena Romanovskaya