Lana Stalnaya

Lana Stalnaya was born in Moscow (1987), where she still works in her own studio. She received her first education as an industrial designer. In 2016 he receives a contract in London, in the creative group MALET Art & Design Solutions. Also in London, Lana continued her studies in contemporary art at Sotheby's Institute of Art.

Since 2018, Lana has been fully focused on artistic practice. Having gone through several stages from her passion for the topic of physicality and the nature of emotions, today she devotes all her time to studying the topic of memory, visualizing this study in mixed media.

In her artistic practice, Lana combines implants in the form of a "found object" - vintage mirrors, and a visual range of artifacts on recording devices of different years - scratches and glare on film, glitches from a burned-out video card on a monitor. It seemed - mirrors, the only, most reliable impartial witness.

Works by Lana Stalnaya