Inna Sumina

Inna Sumina is an artist in love with flowers.

I create realistic and abstract paintings with flowers, paying particular attention to detail and subtle hues, as well as minor elements that can easily escape our eye. My paintings are a reflection of my inner space, I will call it a garden. What is this garden like? Often it is abstract, somewhat chaotic, or vice versa - ordered, or even unpredictable, bright ...

In my works I turn to the theme of the transience of time. Living in the moment / Carpe diem / - in contrast to the pursuit of momentary pleasures in a consumer society. Mindfulness becomes a way to slow down and see the beauty of the here and now. Using the images of flowers, I analyze the transience of life, drawing a parallel between human life and the stages of plant growth (violent flowering - slow wilting). The flowers in my paintings can be dramatic, tending towards destruction... or they can be fragrant and full of life, reflecting the volatility of our time.

For my paintings, I choose a black (dark) background not by chance: in this way I emphasize the fragility and vulnerability of the soul of a flower. On a black underpainting, the colors become saturated, the image has a structure. From this dark, deep nothingness, with the help of my subconscious, I extract recognizable images dressed in silhouettes of flowers.

In my painting practice, I most often use oil, canvas or paper.

Works by Inna Sumina