Anastasia Danilenko

Anastasia Danilenko is a graphic designer.

But the area of ​​​​her occupation is painting, and such a traditional genre of painting as a portrait.

Although it cannot be called traditional in Danilenko's intentions.

“I paint images and forms. Color spots and lines. My characters have their eyes closed. Without looking into the eyes of a person, we are able to see much more,” says the artist.

Her portraits capture herself and her relationship with the world.

Portraits of Anastasia Danilenko are confessional, regardless of the image itself.

Anastasia Danilenko is not too concerned about the specific appearance, since the very essence is a shell that hides a person in itself.

In half-length portraits, the gesture and the very general position of the body carry a figurative load.

Anastasia Danilenko always starts with black, painting over the entire surface of the canvas with black paint and painting on it with her favorite range of green and pink colors.

On a black sub-drawing, the colors seem saturated, the image has a black outline and writes on it with his favorite range of green, pink colors.

On a black sub-pattern, the colors sound saturated, the image has a black outline and a rigid structure.

From this black non-existence and subconsciousness, Anastasia, like a sculptor, carves out alluring and catchy images, full of their frankness.

Works by Anastasia Danilenko