Anastasia Akulova

Born in 1990 in Minsk (Belarus). I live and work here. Graduated from local college branch

- fashion designer. She received two higher educations at the university, the first - art, the second -

art teacher.

“Most of my works are female portraits. I call them "piece girls". This is my ode

women, to their inner strength and ability to assemble themselves from parts (often different or even vice versa).

I believe that a woman's ability to combine and combine strength and

tenderness, courage and vulnerability, their desire to be beautiful and independent of others

people's opinions are unique.

I deliberately "assemble them from parts" or "carve them into mask faces." This is a protest, that is, a kind of assertion that external beauty does not make sense without internal strength or that there is no

an external flaw can diminish the inner beauty of a woman.

Another theme of my work is angels. I am convinced that they are always there, that we,

like them, they are divine creations and can communicate with each other. And they, in turn, can

take any visual form that we understand. In my case, even the angels look like girls made of pieces.”

Works by Anastasia Akulova