Aisha Taysumova

I was born in January 1995 in Grozny. This was the beginning of the war in Chechnya. Post-war childhood, frequent trips, a rural school and Grozny - all this reminded me of a gray art house, which, unfortunately, left its mark. All my works are a sublimation of the problems that I, as a practicing Muslim, face in modern realities. Staying true to myself was the starting point for my self-expression as an artist. Finding the right way to express my thoughts made me experiment a lot with style.

This path led me to Collage. But this is not the only language I have learned to speak. Photo still life was a revelation for me. Using objects to create whole stories and being able to say something important never ceases to inspire me.

Our whole world consists of a collage, the essence of which is to collect important fragments, to be able to place them on one canvas in order to emphasize the most important thing. It is my goal. Brushes and canvas are now an integral part of my life, it has opened up new possibilities for me, as I refuse to paint images of living beings because of my religious beliefs.

Works by Aisha Taysumova